Youth Games Check-In Procedure

Procedure for Checking in players and coaches: Just passed by Youth Board.

Please note this is a youth procedure. In the adult league referees are not responsible for checking in the teams the teams will simply hand the player passes to the referees the teams are responsible for making sure everyone is registered-not the referee.

  • The referee shall be ready to officiate at least 15 minutes prior to the game
  • Referees will check that each player on the GDR has a valid PAW player pass and
    • the coach has a valid pass and is affiliated with the team’s Club;
    • players jersey numbers (non-conflicting) and names are listed, and match the GDR;
    • players being checked match the pictures on the pass;
    • handwritten guest players are legal (all of the above applies); and
    • no pass—no play—no exception.
  • The referee will keep the player passes, and one set of game day rosters. He will give each team the game day roster for its opponent.
  • At the conclusion of the match, the referee shall record the scores on the game day rosters he’s holding, get a signature from each coach confirming the score, and give one completed game day roster (including cautions, send-offs and/or injuries) to the coach of the winning team or to the home team in the event of a tie, and keep one for his/her records.

Referees will not tolerate any abuse from coaches, players or parents if this happens they will terminate the game.

Referees are assigned to officiate soccer games within the laws of the game and the rules of competitions. In no way are referees expected to take verbal abuse from coaches, players and or spectators. In the case of players, referees are urged to show them the red card and send them off for foul or insulting language.

For coaches and or spectators, you, as the referee, are urged to terminate the game. I would recommend that you discuss this with both coaches before the game and inform them of the consequences. I would also ask that you talk as a team between the referee and AR’s to ensure that this behavior will not be tolerated.