Western PA Referee Security Clearances

We have moved from the PA West system to our own. The new system is managed by Game Officials. You can reach the site at https://wparefs.gameofficials.net.

Before you recertify, you need to have sent your 3 security clearances, and possibly a work permit, to Peggy Neason (SRA). Please use the following as process flow:

State Law Change Affects All:

The PA Child Protective Services Law changed effective January 1, 2015.  The change no longer permits organizations like Western PA Referees to conduct background checks through a third party provider.  All background checks must be completed using the provider designated by PA per the requirements of the law. All referees, assignors, assessors, and instructors must send a copy of their clearances to Peggy Neason (SRA) at 82 Lookout Avenue, Monongahela, PA 15063. Having them uploaded in the old PA West system is not enough.

Individuals who are paid to oversee children/have direct contact with children must provide the following:

  • State Police Criminal Record Check
  • PA Child Abuse History Clearance
  • FBI Criminal Background Check

Please Note: The exception to the law provides minor children who are referees (14-17 year old) may have their parent/guardian attest via notarized affidavit (available below) that the child has not committed any of the disqualifying crimes. If you will turn 18 in 2016, you will need the FBI Criminal Background.

How To Obtain Your Background Checks

PA State Police Report

PA State Police Criminal Record Checks cost approximately $8.00 and can be obtained online by visiting the State Police website (https://epatch.state.pa.us/).

Child Abuse History Report

PA Child Abuse History Clearances may be made online at https://www.compass.state.pa.us/cwis/public/home. The cost is approximately $8.00.

FBI Criminal Background Check

To request an FBI Fingerprint Clearance (approximate cost—$27.50) go to https://www.pa.cogentid.com/index.htm. Please note: This link will take you to the page managed by Cogent for the state of PA to help individuals attain an FBI clearance.  The Department of Human Services link is your preferable option if you just referee USSF. If you referee PIAA too, please use the Department of Education version (you will need to affiliate with a school); otherwise, PIAA will not accept it.

Minor Child Qualification Affidavit

Download the Minor Child Qualification Affidavit (PDF)