Violent Play

We talk about “non-soccer” plays that do not belong in the game of soccer. Elbows to the head, challenges that endanger the safety of a player, such as over the ball tackles, spitting, headbutting, etc.

In the 2 clips below, you will see similar types of violent behavior. In both cases, the action by the referee should be a sendoff. The difference in the clips, is that, in the women’s clip, there is no reaction by the players, or coaches.

In the men’s games, the reaction is quite different that results in a fight and the bench players get involved.

The message for all referees is that, just because there is no reaction and everyone seems to be happy without misconduct, referees should not and must not manage violent behavior.

You may see the video and say that the one in the women’s game is not that bad. You must ask yourself:

  1. Did the player need to make that contact?
  2. What could be the consequences of the contact? Injury?
  3. Is the player off the field?
  4. Is this a soccer play?

Referees judge the action of the player and not the “intent” as the word “intent” no longer comes int the decision of the player