Update of Recertification Clinics

Because of the ongoing situation with the Covid-19 virus and hopefully the start of the Spring season approaching soon, the SRC has decided to forego the 2 hr in-person clinic requirements for 2020 recertification cycle. In doing so, this will allow us to process your registration with USSF in a timely fashion as long as you have completed the other requirements.

In order for this to occur, you must complete the following requirements and submit all paperwork to Peggy Neason. Please refer to instructions on https://www.wparef.com/instructions-for-2020-recertification/

1. Please log – in and complete / finish on line recertification modules in Game Officials https://wparefs.gameofficials.net/public/default.cfm

2. Complete / Update PA required clearances, FBI background checks and work permit if applicable. Send documents to Peggy Neason.

3. Complete USSF required Safe Sport certification for those 18 y/o and older.

4. Continue to stay updated and review the new law changes. Please review

Once all is completed, we ask for your patience and allow Peggy and John Papinchak some time to process and send to USSF. There has been a backlog with US Soccer so this process may take some added time. The sooner you complete your requirements the sooner you will receive your certification for this year.

Please continue to visit our website https://www.wparef.com for updates and future plans.