Region 1 Policy for Referees Traveling Across State Lines

Many referees are regularly invited to participate in USSF referee activities held in other states. We strongly encourage this practice as it brings increased value to the players, referees, and spectators at these events. Referees who wish to work in other states would be permitted to do so, provided that they have notified their SRA and have satisfied the requirements of both states. However, referees traveling to other states sometimes find that their games and assessments do not count because proper procedures were not followed. Assignors can help ensure that the process goes smoothly.

Please follow proper established protocol when planning to travel, as noted below:

  • Assignors should not send direct email solicitations to out-of-state referees. Those communications should be approved and/or routed through the SRAs or SRC.
  • Assignors of tournaments or other large events should first notify the host state SRA of the expected need, and/or who may be invited. SRAs shall then coordinate these requests with the state(s) involved.
  • Referees requesting to work out of state should first notify their own SRA, who will then contact the SRA of the state in which they wish to work.
  • Leagues that cross state lines should follow the accepted protocols. Games should be assigned by an assignor from the state where the game is taking place, unless a special arrangement has been reached between the states involved.
  • A request may be denied for any number of reasons, such as the referee is not qualified, has not met background check requirements, or is needed in another game within the Priority of Game Appointment Policy.