Referee Recertification

WPA uses Game Officials to manage referees, including the recertification process. You can reach the site at:

These instructions are only for existing referees. If you are not currently a referee, read the article New Referee Registration on Game Officials.

At this time, we have recertification courses active for:

  • Grade 8 referees,
  • Grade 7 referees,
  • Grade 16 referees (State Emeritus),
  • Assignors, and
  • Grade 8 Futsal referees.

We sent emails to all people with email addresses in the system in August (around the 21st) to create a new login and password. You do not use the same login as last year. You do not go to the same site. If you did not get one, please check you spam files or deleted files. If you do not find an email, please contact John Papinchak at (Western PA Referee Registrar). He will assist you.

Before you recertify, you need to have sent your 3 security clearances, and possibly a work permit, to Peggy Neason (SRA). Please use the following as process flow:

  1. Get the following 2 security clearances (PA Child Abuse History Clearance and PA State Police Criminal Record Check).
  2. If you are 18, or older (or will turn 18 in 2016), you need to get a FBI Criminal History Report.
  3. If you are 14-17, you can get a notarized affidavit instead of using the FBI Criminal History Report.  Once you are 18, you will need to get the FBI Criminal History Report.
  4. Once you have the 3 clearances (or 2 and the affidavit), MAIL a copy to Peggy Neason at 82 Lookout, Monongahela, PA 15063 (no emails accepted).
  5. If you are 14-17, and still in high school you need to get a Work Permit (get at your school guidance office) and mail a copy to Peggy Neason. You must be 14 before you can take any referee entry level class.
  6. Once all of your clearances are approved you can register on our website at
  7. You may then choose a recertification course.
  8. You can pay by credit card (Visa or MasterCard) on the Game Officials site, or mail a check payable to State Referee Committee. The check should be mailed to Peggy Neason (SRA) 82 Lookout Ave., Monongahela, PA 15063.