Re-certification Reminder

Game officials is open for your 2019 referee recertification. If you have already completed your recertification and supplied any necessary updated clearances, please let me know so that we can determine why your certification is incomplete.

To recertify, please log into your Game Officials account. Go to COURSES > REFEREE COURSES > 2019 Grade * RECERT > Choose a course that is UNLOCKED.

Please note: if you were born anytime in 2001 you will need FBI background check to certify for 2019. No Exceptions.

If any of your background checks have the year 2014, you must obtain the appropriate new clearance(s) for 2019 BEFORE we can approve your recertification.

2019 badges will only be mailed to the referee who supplies a self-addressed stamped envelope to the SRC.

Mailing Address:
SRC <include your course recertification #>
82 Lookout Avenue
Monongahela, PA 15063

Badges will not be sent to assignors.

Please visit our web site, for any other information and to stay up to date on events, information and news.

To check your contact information and your 2019 status:

  1. Select “My Info” under the Main Menu (on the left side)
  2. Scroll to the Contact Information and look at USSF Grade(s)
    1. If your identity states 2019 – you have successfully completed the recertification process
    2. If it states 2018 – you have additional steps to be completed.
  3. Scroll to the bottom to the “General Information” section to check your Clearances
    1. PA FBI Clearance must be recorded if 18 or older; or IF turning 18 years of age in 2019;
    2. PA Child Abuse Clearance must be recorded;
    3. PA State Police Clearance must be recorded;
    4. Work Permit must be “Yes” if currently age 14-17 and in High School;
    5. Affidavit vs FBI must be “Yes” if age 14-17 and NOT turning 18 years of age in 2019.
  4. REMINDER: clearances done marked as 2014 must be renewed. Mail your updated clearances to:
    SRC <include your course recertification #>
    82 Lookout Avenue
    Monongahela, PA 15063
  5. REMINDER: You are considered an Independent Contract as a referee, assignor, instructor or assessor and get paid for your services, so an affidavit does not apply unless you are 14-17 years of age. (Does not matter if you choose not to get paid, you still need FBI clearance)

To verify or to update your Home Soccer Club,

  1. Scroll down to your Contact Information and select your home soccer club from the pull-down listing of clubs.

WPA State Referee Committee