PA West Mentoring Group

This newly formed group have been selected by the State Referee Committee. As a member of this group, each of them must have dedication and commitment to soccer officiating, fitness, nutrition and availability. Each of them must pass the highest standard of the FIFA fitness test for their gender which will be conducted periodically throughout the year. Those that do not meet the standards will be removed from the mentoring group.

They will so be asked to attend group sessions, review and dissect video clips and to watch and analyze professional games.

They will be required to attend all State tournaments as well as regional and national events. Each referee will be paired with another as much as possible in order for them to learn from each other.

Those that are currently in the mentoring program are:

  • Nathaniel Buck
  • Taylor Bombalski
  • Will Cassidy
  • Alfonso Fajardo
  • Lucas Feathers
  • Justin Frear
  • Max Hartman
  • Richard Lednak
  • Justin Mazzeo
  • Colin Nelson
  • Sean Regan
  • Josh Sanders
  • Ashley Smyda
  • Corey Yerace