Open Tournament Week 1 Referees on Hold

The following referees have been placed on hold. Should someone cancel out of week 1 then you would be called according to the date your application was received. If you would like off this list contact me at

Williams Richard 28-Mar
Sternberg Michael 29-Mar
Blose Tanner 1-Apr
Ternent Jesse 4-Apr
Ternent Dan 4-Apr
Bowser Chris 4-Apr
Reilly Dillion 17-Apr
Dawley Abby 18-Apr
Goodwald Ben 18-Apr
Goodwald Jerry 18-Apr
Ksesge Keagan 24-Apr
Farra Maia 24-Apr
Kustaborder Heather 25-Apr
Morgante Adam 26-Apr
Bish Ryan 26-Apr
Rose Alyssa 27-Apr
Francis Kate 27-Apr
Riggle Matt 27-Apr
Jones Trevor 29-Apr
Koma Megan 29-Apr
Jones Scott 29-Apr
Jones Andrew 29-Apr
Quarles Travis 29-Apr
Parnicza Justin 29-Apr
Patrinos Demetri 29-Apr
Myers Mackenzie 29-Apr
Maples Aly 29-Apr
Lucas Will 29-Apr
Malits Megan 29-Apr
Cacurak Abigail 1-May
Cochran Zack 1-May
Hinderliter Karlee 1-May
Boulos Madeline 1-May
Malerich Robert 3-May
Burawa CJ 8-May
Burawa Ethan 8-May
Sherry Tanner 9-May
Taylor Alex 12-May
Taylor Aiden 12-May
Gigliotti Joe 13-May
Peltz Brian 13-May

Thank you for applying to work the Open Tournament.