The WPA mentoring program consists of selected referees who have been chosen by the State Referee Committee for advancement. These referees have portrayed excellent officiating traits where they can advance their careers. They receive special training and education. They are committed to the extra work and effort that it takes to officiate at the higher level.

Along with the WPA mentoring group, there is a Jr. WPA mentoring group that consists of eager new referees who may want to improve their officiating skills.

To be a member of either group, you must be committed to the program and there are certain criteria for acceptance.

  1. The referee must be recommended to the SRC and the SRC must approve.
  2. The referee must attend all State soccer referee functions—State Cup, Open Cup and be readily available.
  3. The referee must sign a commitment letter stating their commitment to the program.
  4. Attend all training sessions and webinars as scheduled by the Director of Referee development.
  5. Maintain good standing status.
  6. Refrain from negative social media posts

The objective of this group is to help identify and train referees in PAWest by providing advanced training in the areas already targeted by existing policies as well as off field training in fitness and conduct.

Mentoring Group Members

  • Taylor Bombalski
  • Will Cassidy
  • Alfonso Fajardo
  • Lucas Feathers
  • Justin Frear
  • Charles Murphy
  • Darth Newman
  • Brandon Rea
  • Chris Regan
  • Josh Sanders
  • Ashley Smyda
  • Mackenzie Strang
  • Corey Yerace

WPA Junior Mentoring Group

These young up and coming referees will join the Sr mentoring group in all activities, from on field training, classroom settings, indoor training and video analysis. They will learn from each other as well as the Sr mentoring group when it comes to game situations, positioning and other officiating matters. They will also be asked to attend out of state tournaments so they may receive guidance from mentors from US Soccer, the Professional division and national coaches who have been identified by US Soccer. They include:

  • Aaron Schmelzer
  • Alex Schroeck
  • Erin Buckley
  • Grant Warmbein
  • Jacob Schurr
  • Kerven Moon
  • Leah Pope
  • Nick Wagner
  • Sam Ference
  • Sam Reynolds
  • Samantha Miller
  • Zack Pfister

For information contact Darth Newman

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