Instructions for 2020 Recertification

1. USSF has required that everyone 18 and older to gets Safe-Sport training.  Once your have completed this training , send copy of certificate to Peggy Neason at

          Please navigate to the following web address to complete your Safe Sport Training. The access code can be used to access the training at zero cost. Please be sure to add ‘U.S. Soccer’ to your membership profile upon registration of an account:
          Access Code: YC3E-6P5G-YYIL-CS2M

2. Anyone with background checks dated with the year 2015 will need to apply for new ones. Since we go on year calculation: 2015 -1st year, 2016 – 2nd year, 2017 – 3rd year, 2018 – 4th year, 2019 – 5th year.
          We suggest you get then ASAP in 2020 so that you will get another year out of them. Reminder for FBI clearance – Dept. of Education takes a long time Code is 1KG6XN though if you ref for WPIAL/PIAA you will need to go through this route.
          Getting your FBI clearance through Dept.of Health and Humans services is faster; code is 1KG756

3. Anyone born in 2002 to will need get FBI background check and Safe Sport training, no matter when your birthday is during the year. If you are going to turn 18 anytime in 2020 you will need both of these before you are re-certified.

4. 2020  on-line re-certification clinics will be posted on Game Officials on November 1:
          Cost for Grassroots referee (former grade 8 & 7) is $65.   Cost for Regional referees (former state 6 & 5) is $80.  Don’t kill the messenger – USSF raised the fees and changed the names of the referee grades to grassroots and regional referees.
          Assignors are still $20.

5.It will be mandatory after you have completed your on-line re-certification for all referees to attend a 2 hour in-service clinic.

6: To obtain your patch, after you have completed the above, send a self-addressed-stamped-envelope must be sent to:
          SRC  – 82 Lookout Avenue, Monongahela, Pa. 15063

7. Please review these clips on the new Law Changes– you will need to scroll down and click on “More” to get to the English versions.