Inside 18 Tackle

The Mentoring group had a chance to dissect this clip on their own. A couple of comments before the final answer but I must say, everyone had a good response.

  1. One person commented that if the player did not have a YC, then he should be given a YC. My question is why? Is it a YC offense? If so, then why are we not giving it if the player already has one? This is a good discussion. You have to ask yourself, is it reckless? If so, then issue the YC.
  2. Another comment is applying advantage. Remember, advantage must benefit the team. I do not see this as a good advantage opportunity.
  3. The subject of DOGSO also came up by 1 of you. What are the criteria? Remember the change in the law. If there is a play on the ball, then there can be not DOGSO but must be a YC.

A very positive outcome by everyone is that they all mentioned the positioning of the referee and the angle of view. As we have been talking about in every session, is that referees need to have an angle of view. If you are caught out of position, you must take a position where you have an angle. Proximity and angle will sell the call every time.

Also, no one mentioned the Assistant Referee. If we are caught out of position or we do not have that angle, look for help in your assistant. Since the referee is not sure, and the AR has a good view, empower the AR to raise the flag and signal for the penalty.