In Preparation for State Cup

As we approach State Cup Competition, referees must be prepared just as the players. Unfortunately, the players are practicing multiple times per week getting ready to play.

These are important games for not only the players, but for the coaches, parents and spectators.
The question is, ARE YOU PREPARED?

How to prepare.

  1. Know your assignments and respond accordingly
  2. Know your field location
  3. Conduct thorough pregame
  4. Know the rules.
    1. Duration of game
    2. Substitutions, when and how many
    3. Added time if allowed
    5. Particular attention to blows to the head, concussions
    6. Be prompt for any meetings as designated by SRA, (Peggy)
    7. Clean and neat uniform
    8. All pertinent equipment: red/yellow cards, whistles(s), watch(es), coin, pen/paper, flags, air pump
    9. Conduct field check including goals being anchored. Any discrepancies, notify field marshal.
    10. Record all misconduct with time and reason
    11. Complete paperwork, game report and pay voucher in a timely fashion