IMPORTANT: Safe Sport Platform Changes

The U.S. Center for SafeSport is currently transitioning to a new platform. We have highlighted a few important process adjustments all SRC members should be aware of, due to this change. Please note we will be updating our Learning Center FAQs in the upcoming weeks based on these changes. 

Adding U.S. Soccer as a ‘member’ to their SafeSport Profile 

If referees complete the SafeSport training on SafeSport’s website, users must now email SafeSport customer service to request U.S. Soccer Federation be added as a member to their profile. This must be done in order for the SafeSport completion certificate to appear in the Learning Center. Our office cannot make that change for them. 

Progress Saving 

Users must complete the SafeSport training either prior to or after the changeover occurs. If a user starts the SafeSport training before the transition, but does not finish it, and then the system transitions, they will lose progress and have to complete it again. 

Update Your SafeSport Training Early

For any Learning Center users whose SafeSport certificate will expire before December 31st, we HIGHLY recommend they renew their training as soon as possible, to avoid any potential problems during the transition. We will be emailing those users to advise as such later this month.