Holding Outside and PK

This is an interesting clip with so many discussion topics:

  1. 1. The initial decision
  2. 2. AR mechanics
  3. 3. Referee posture
  4. 4. Final decision

The referee does a very good job and waiting to see if the attacker is going to play through—advantage.
But then the referee crouches over, like a baseball plate umpire. Referees should always stand up tall to give the impression of confidence and should not be flat footed as play is getting into the attacking third.

As you can see, the referee has a clear view, but he needs to have a better angle. He is coming straight onto the play and may not be able to see the hold of the defender.

There is very good teamwork and mechanics followed per the pre-game. Good eye contact and communication worked very well at this point.

But what is the real problem? The final decision. Under FIFA, there is only 1 decision that if the foul occurs outside and continues inside, it is a penalty. In this particular clip, there is hold outside of the penalty area, but the defender continues to hold and foul the attacker in the same play.
If the defender does not continue to hold the attacker then the restart would be a free kick at the point of the original foul, but since the holding continued and the attacker fell and the referee blew the whistle for the infraction, the final decision should be a penalty.

Then comes the question of misconduct. Since this is blatant holding, a caution is warranted. A red card is not warranted as it is not a denying the goal opportunity, DOGSO.