Goal/No Goal Procedure

There was a situation recently where referees forgot the proper mechanic as it is rarely seen but it is an important one to remember, and more importantly, cover in your pregame. Here is the scenario:

The team leading takes a shot and hits the crossbar hard near the right post, ricochets downward striking the ground/metal bar at the bottom of the right-side net, and rebounds high back across the goal line to the GK who is in the field of play.  The Assistant Referee was aligned with the second to last defender who was at the goal line. The AR is certain that the goal was scored and that the whole ball crossed over the goal line. What happened was that the AR quickly moved up the field signaling a goal. The referee failed to look/see the AR and let play continue.

Clearly, there is an issue with procedure in this case. The procedure that PAW follows is very simple;

  1. If the AR is positive the ball has crossed the line, he/she is to raise their flag and stand at attention.
  2. The referee looks at the AR and stops play.
  3. The AR then lowers the flag and makes a run up the touchline signaling a legal goal.
  4. The referee then confirms that the goal is valid.

Situations such as this do not occur often. Referees and Assistant Referees must be prepared; EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED. This should be discussed in the pregame so if and when this occurs, referees are prepared and follow PAW’s procedures.