Game Report Example

Writing game reports is a difficult but necessary part of being a referee. See the following completely fictional report provided by Corey Yerace for an example of how to write a game report. The output is in the format generated by the WPA Referees Game Report.

Game Date:
Field Location:
Highmark Stadium-Pittsburgh, PA
Start Time:
11:00 AM
Age Group:
Open Men (Adult)
GPSL Premier Division
Home Team:
Tartan Devils (3)
Visiting Team:
International Alumni (0)
Corey Yerace
Assistant Referee 1:
Nathaniel Buck
Assistant Referee 2:
Joshua Sanders

Yellow Card, Red Card, and Injury Report

Brad Smith, International Alumni, PAW000891, Dissent (DT) 26′
Christopher Knauff, International Alumni, PAW000966, DOGSO-H 42′
EJ McCormick, Tartan Devils Oak Avalon, PAW000123, Injury 63′
Michael Tintera, International Alumni, PAW000112, Persistent Infringement (PI) 72′

Supplemental Report

At the 26′ minute of play, Brad Smith (GK for International Alumni) left the Penalty Area to Dissent an offside decision by AR2. His Dissent was public in nature and Mr. Smith was shown a Caution for Dissent.

At the 42′ minute of play with the score 1-0, Christopher Knauff (International Alumni) deliberately handled the ball within his team’s own Penalty Area to prevent the ball from crossing the goal line between the posts. Mr. Knauff was shown the Red Card and Sent-Off for Denying an Obvious Goal Scoring Opportunity by Handling (DOGSO-H).

At the 63′ minute of play, EJ McCormick (Tartan Devils) was struck in the head from a shot by his opponent. Mr. McCormick seemed to be disoriented. I stopped play immediately and beckoned the trainer onto the field to evaluate Mr. McCormick’s condition. The trainer did not clear Mr. McCormick due to his condition and he did not return to play for the remainder of the match.

At the 72′ minute of play, Michael Tintera (International Alumni) tripped an opponent and was shown the Yellow Card for Persistent Infringement after committing numerous fouls.