Field Positioning – The Goal Kick

Positioning, as in every situation needs to be “intelligent” and “flexible”. What we learn in our entry level class and the information in the Law book is only a guide for you to become familiar with the basic points of positioning. Remember, the game is constantly changing as you referee and we, as referees, need to be changing as the game goes on. With all positioning, we want to be near the action or where you feel the ball will drop. What is an indication of where the ball will drop? Look at the players. The players will tell you more than likely where the next stage of play will be.

In the situation of the Goal Kick you can see where the players are lining up. The referee needs to be close enough but have the ability to move if the ball comes in his direction. In the illustration above, the referee is in good position as he can observe where the ball is going to drop and have the flexibility to move in any direction if needed.

The referee with the “X” is not in an intelligent position as he is too far from play and where the ball may drop as indicated by the players.