Field Positioning – Offensive Third Throw-in

This illustration shows positioning in the offensive 1/3. As a recap, in the defensive third, the referee should be ahead of the thrower to anticipate and be prepared for the next level of play. In the middle third, a good position for the referee would be somewhat parallel to the thrower so the referee will have the flexibility to move in any direction once the ball is in play.

In the offensive 1/3 situation, the referee should position himself where he may move to where the ball will be put into play. What are the players options? Since it is in the offensive 1/3, it is unlikely that the ball will go back to his defensive area.

  1. 1. Option one would be to throw the ball down the line to his teammate.
  2. 2. Option 2 would be to deliver the ball long into the center of the field or the penalty area.

In either case, the referee must position himself to have a view of the players and his options.

In the 2 diagrams above where the referee has an X are 2 positions that are not the best position to view the angle of play and to be in position for the next level of play. The illustration of the referee without the X would be a better position so he may judge the angle of play where the ball is too be played and also be ready for the next level of play.