Field Positioning – Lanes Of Movement

The basic concept above makes it easy for referees to be in the proper position and have a better angle to view. It is based on a 3-piece concept.

  1. 1. Be close to play. Referees cam make better decisions if they are close to the play. Always move towards the ball without getting in the way of active play.
  2. 2. Do not have an obstructed view. Referees need to have a clear view of the play at hand.
  3. 3. Have the proper angle.

In the illustration above, there are “lanes” drawn. As you can see the ball, the referee directly behind the ball cannot see what is in front of the ball. He cannot see what may be about to happen. This is indicated by the red X noting this is not a good position. In contrast, the referee illustrated in the lanes next to the ball has a clear view and a better angle to see any activity that may occur.