What can I expect from my assignor?

  1. Is professional and has ethics
  2. Will assign according to ability not just put a body on a game
  3. Will respect your comfort level
  4. Will provide the following information about the game I am assigned to;
    1. A. Date –Time-Location of game
    2. B. Names and #phone numbers of the persons I am working with
    3. C. Name and phone# of the contact person in charge of the game
    4. D. Name and phone# of person in charge of safety at game
    5. E. Age group/division and gender of game
    6. F.Type of game: ERL, Classic, Adult, Sunday League, Etc
    7. G. Assure game is a sanctioned game so that you are covered by insurance
    8. F. Payment for game and how you will receive it
    9. H. Position you have been assigned to—Center/Assistant Referee or 4th official
    10. I. Rules of competition or where to find them
  5. Your assignor is not a mind reader so be sure to communicate with them.
  6. Is looking after you best interest and will advise you on advancing

IF the assignor does not supply you with this information find another assignor.