Corner Kick Positioning – Opposite Side

As we have been saying all along, the referee needs to have an angle to see and in a position for the next stage of play. Not being “involved” with the players is important. Staying a good distance from where you think the ball will drop, but also in a position to see.

Good referees are not stationary. Referees may have an idea of where the ball will drop, we cannot know what is in the mid of the kicker. He may want to go short, or he may over kick the ball completely. Referees must be prepared to “move” in a direction as not to interfere with the play bit also be in a good position to view the play.

In the illustration above, the highlighted area is a suggestion on where to stand before the kick is made. He still has an unobstructed view of the players giving more attention to the GK and the number of players in that area. With this position, he will be able to judge any fouls against field players as well as the GK.

  1. 1. Referees need to have an angle to view/see the players.
  2. 2. Referees need to be ready for the next stage of play.
  3. 3. Referees need to be prepared to “move” if the play comes in his area.