What is an assessment?

An assessment is a coaching opportunity for a referee. Assessments are designed to help referees improve by giving them practical constructive criticism and positive encouragement. At the referees request, The SDA will assign a certified referee coach(assessor) to observe the referee on an affiliated match.

After the match, the referee crew and the referee coach will discuss the match in a conversational setting. A written form of the conversation will be submitted through US Soccer GameOfficials to the referee for their records. The referee is responsible for paying the referee coach the match fee and mileage to and from the field. The assigned assessor is one who has officiated at a high level where their knowledge and experience will enhance the assessment process.

How do I become an assessor?

In order to become an assessor, the following must take place:

  • You must be (or have been) a Grade 7 or higher.
  • You must be recommended by, and or approved by the State Director of Assessment (SDA).
  • You must register for, complete,¬†and pass the Associate Assessor course.
  • You must pay the current registration fee for an assessor.

When is an assessment required?

Assessments are required:

  • Whenever a referee is upgrading to Grade 7 as requested by the Adult Amateur League.
  • Whenever a referee is upgrading to Grade 6 or higher (upgrade assessment).
  • Every year for Grade 6 and above (maintenance assessment).
  • National candidates require several assessments conducted by national assessors.

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