Another Non-Soccer Play

This clip is from a recent U-20 World Cup game. There are many talking points here where we can learn, not just from a referee position, but more importantly from the Assistant Referee position.

Remember, this particular tournament has the VAR position, so they have the benefit of replay. In our games, we do not have that benefit and we must rely on teamwork and information from each other.

The referee is in good position but he cannot see exactly what happens and where the contact is to the player in white. The Assistant Referee on the other hand has a clear view on the contact and the severity of the contact.

It is normal for defending players to shield the ball out of play as the attacker tries to win the ball. Many times, there is some contact by the attacker but it is usually not severe and the referee needs to judge the severity of the contact.

In this case, the referee is issuing a yellow card, but remember, he is being notified by the VAR to review the play with no assistance from the Assistant Referee.

So, what is the procedure?

The Assistant Referee sees the foul, raises the flag with a waving motion to indicate there is a foul.
The referee blows his whistle and makes eye contact with the AR.
The AR, at this point signals that a red card is warranted by tapping his back pocket.

Even if the referee has shown the YC, he can still change it to red as long as the game has not be restarted.

The decision is Violent Conduct as there was no play on the ball and that is the reason it should be written up in the game report.